Hames Life Coaching

Hames Life Coaching

Lifestyle-induced illness, including eco-anxiety, calls for a different type of guidance, one that focuses not on the individual’s shortcomings and personal history or on building better daily...

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Betty Jensen, M.Sc., BS, CC is the founder of Hames Recovery Life Coaching . She’s the creator of Nature-Connected Equine Coaching. Betty helps people recovering from drugs and alcohol, military personnel, Native Americans, school personnel and hospice staff affected by the loss of hope and trust to rediscover themselves via nature-connected learning so they can rebuild and recharge their lives with new energy, peace, hope, a renewed sense of trust, and heartfelt joy. Betty is OK Corral certified Equine Assisted Therapy/ Learning (EAT/EAL) Coaching specialist with a M. Sc. in Ecopsychology, B. S. in Psychology  a Certified Elite Life Coach with 20 years’ experience in group and individual work

Cory Zieske

Cory’s childhood was surrounded by a variety of people he learned a great deal from. His father and uncles were horse trainers. He began working with them when he was nine. They would lead pack trips into the wilderness. His grandfather and uncles, who were retired military veterans, taught him a lot about, honor, truth, honesty and reading life situations.   At 12 –years- old, he started his life-long journey with martial arts including Judo, Tai Kwan Do, Karate and Jujitsu incorporating the physical and mental discipline needed to increase his knowledge of protection. He became SWAT certified in 1995 and maintains that certification currently. Having life-long communication with horses and understanding their body language has been very useful when working with prisoner transportation and other highly stressful work situations. In 1996, Cory started Zieske Horse Training and Shoeing. The same year, Betty started working with Cory to trim and shoe her horses. Because of her knowledge and nurturing nature, when Cory rescued Smoky in 2010 from a feed lot, he entrusted him to Betty and he was the first of many rescued horses that are partners in the coaching/therapy .

Healing Hooves, Healing Humans Horse Sanctuary (HHH) is a donation funded horse rescue and rehabilitation program that rescues, fosters, and retrains abandoned and discarded horses in Washington State. Based in Sunnyside, Washington, we provide therapeutic workshops and education programs using Equine Assisted Learning for at-risk youth, families, and veterans. 

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