Hames Life Coaching


Registered Quarter horse

Winter is about 30 years old.  She has won many awards and so have her babies.  Winter prolapsed with the last baby, so no more babies for her. Winter has helped many learn how to find balance in their life, set boundaries and find answers.


Mustang off of the Yakima reservation

Dot was a few months old when she and her mother came here. It took Dot a long time to trust. She has worked through a lot of her fears.  She needs more people around her so that she will learn to be more trusting of other humans.


Registered Paint

Chief was in the kill pen and when he came here he was thin.  Chief is a lover, he loves to be petted.  Chief is 7 years old. Chief loves people and is very gentleHe has two blue eyes!


Grulla Dun

Pansy has had a hard life. Started by needing CPR when she was born (she is a twin) and hernia surgery. She was in a herd of over 20 draft horses and often did not get enough to eat.  She had not been halter broke and had a whip used to move her. She has one leg smaller than the other three and will probably not ever be rode. She has overcame a lot of her fears.  She is curious and comes up to be petted.

Big Island (Pearl)

Thoroughbred Mare

Pearl is a registered Thoroughbred mare known as Big Island. She had gained quite a bit of weight when this picture was taken. Pearl came from the kill pen at an auction.  The bandage on her leg covered a two inch wound that went from her knee almost to her hoof. The wound healed and she is doing great!


full sized donkey

Mike was going to killed by the man that owned him because he did not like the way Mike kept the other horses safe. The other very expensive horses did not move to safety when Mike told them to, so he used his teeth to encourage them.  Mike has been a great addition here at Where the Willow Was.  I have not had problems with coyotes or wild dogs since he joined the herd.