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Sponsor a Horse Program


Where the Willow Was


This annual program allows you to care for a horse, of your choosing at Healing Hooves, Healing Humans Horse Sanctuary. It is a great way to participate in the upkeep of a horse, without having to take on the full responsibility of care involved in owning your own animal. Simply select a program and go to paypal. Enter which horse you would like to sponsor in memo of paypal. 

Basic - $75.00 a year Covers two doses wormer & two farrier visits each year
Intermediate - $200.00 a year  Covers two doses wormer, four farrier visits & vaccines
Advanced - $750.00 a year Covers four doses wormer, four farrier visits, vaccines, & winter hay costs
Equestrian - $1200.00 a year Advanced plan as well as equipment repair or replacement, as needed
Disclaimer: Sponsor a Horse is a program for people that are interested in supporting and spending time with their favorite horse. It is not an actual adoption of the animal and does not provide the sponsor with any legal rights regarding the animal. Where the Willow Was will maintain ownership and all rights concerning the use and care of the horse. Your participation in this program is greatly appreciated! Your sponsorship helps to offset the costs of the horse program at Healing Hooves, Healing Humans Horse Sanctuary. 

 All sponsors will be added to the sponsor page for one year.